Coronavirus Covid 19 Solutions for Schools and Businesses

As we return to School and work it is important to remain alert and vigilant and to try and ensure no-one comes to your site with symptoms such as high temperature. How can you do this easily?

Spectre offfers a range of Covid-19 safeguarding soloutions to get you back and working safely.

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Spectre’s Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary temperature screening in Schools, office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources

We provide a simple solution to a complex issue, as pupils, staff and visitors enter your site you can see multiple persons temperatures displayed as they enter through reception. The system can trigger and alarm when body temperature is over a set limit to easily detect someone with a fever or high temperature. This person can then be sent away to get medical assistance and denied access to your site.

In the example above each person entering site has their temperature displayed above the green square from the facial identification, a person with a high temperature would trigger an alarm and the system would automatically alert the reception staff.

System 1 automatically checks and alerts staff to high temperature, this is a premium solution.


System 2 is a staff operated handheld no contact device which alerts to high temperature.

We also offer a range of no touch thermometers to complement the automatic detection technology.

Non-Contact Forehead Infrared (IR) Thermometer. A fever screening solution complete with user-adjustable alarm with visual & audible alert. Improved accuracy of ±0.2°C between 36 & 39°C, plus a fast response time of 0.5 seconds, making it the ideal tool for detecting raised skin temperatures in high-traffic areas such as reception areas where a quick test can be done to ensure someone can enter your site safely and without risk to others.




Please contact us for futher details here on any of our solutions.