• Protection of staff and Safeguarding pupils

  • Monitoring and curbing of unauthorised intruders on to site (day and evening)

  • Management overview of the site using CCTV

  • Meeting Ofsted and Health and Safety requirements

  • Monitoring the site in a lockdown situation to provide evidence in HD quality

  • Monitoring and curbing truancy and bullying

  • Monitoring all vehicles that enter the site by capturing the number plate or registration plate ANPR

  • Improvement in parent’s confidence/peace of mind of their child’s environment

  • Monitoring of pupil punctuality

  • Protection of staff cars and property

  • Promoting a safe and caring environment which is a positive and pleasant place to study

  • Record and review difficult pupil or parent confrontations

  • Monitoring of remote entrances into site/school buildings

  • Record and view busy corridor and junctions, stairs and landings

  • Record and view toilet entrances to record visitors and issues


    Our specialist team of Consultants, Designers, Engineers & Aftercare Staff will see your project through from conception to completion.

    We can design a high quality IP HD networked CCTV system to suit your site

    We can work within parameters of capital budget and assist with leasing and funding options.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to arrange a free no obligation survey of your site.

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